Monday, May 10, 2010

1st trip to Puchong Women Specialist (TMC branch)

I turned out that I never did use the voucher for free counseling for experienced nurse. It's because in order to get free semen & hormonal analysis, one will need to see the doctor. So I made an appointment with the doctor in charge for Saturday, last Saturday (May 8th 2010). His name is Dr. Yong Jee Kien. The nurses there were very nice and friendly. Funny, I thought I wouldn't be comfortable with Chinese environment clinic/hospital. Tapi kalau kat Damai Service Hospital, mungkin ade kurang best cket certain nurses, yang lain ok.

& coincidentally, it was my first day of period. I told Dr. Yong about all my previous treatments. He seems to have great respect for Dato Dr Hamid Arshat "He's very experienced" he said. I also told him about the statement from Dr Idora from Pantai "Why were you given clomid? It could waste your eggs". His reply was "not necessarily, depending on the case".

So... I'd been thinking. Perhaps D&C and hydrotubation could be right for me. But... of course for each treatment there are possibilities for both success and failure. Quoting from Prof's write up

"2. Hydrotubation.Rawatan ini ialah satu prosedur membuka serta mengembangkan saluran tiub fallopian. Rahim disuntik dengansatu larutan khas yang akan jadi tiub mengembang dan menyenangkan persenyawaan di dalam fallopian tiub. Pesakit akan diberi bius/anestetik dan berada dalam keadaan tidak sedar untuk prosedur ini. Kes ini untuk wanita yang keputusan X-raynya menunjukkan tiubnya tersumbat.Lelemak dan daging atau bentuknya tiub yang tidak betul sesuai dengan prosedur ini. Kadang-kadang ia dilakukan bersama "Dilate & Curetting" iaitu cervix dibuka dan kemudiannya uterus dicuci dengan alat-alat khas untuk membuang lapisan darah endometrium atau polyps. Sekiranya ketumbuhan ini/lapisan darah ini tidak dibuang dan dibiarkan lapisan boleh membiak dan memakan uters kesemuanya lantas merosakkan organ peranakkan. 3. D&C - Dilate & Currette Prosedur untuk membersihkan rahim dari ketumbuhan atau lelemak yang boleh menyebabkan rahim tidak subur. Ketumbuhan akibat penebalan rahim seperti mild adenomyosis boleh dirawat dengan kaedah ini.Rahim akan dibersihkan apabila dikorek dengan alat khas. "

So, I guess I could say that I'm now pretty confident with Prof although previously I don't really feel that way. Perhaps it's due to my very inquisitive nature which had not been attended to since it's quite difficult to get an appointment with Prof. & susah juga coz I have to take a day off to go to Prof's clinic.

Back to the topic.. I gave Dr Yong my HSG result and then he said he wanted to do vaginal scan. Rasa cuak jugak sebab period, 1st day pulak. But Dr Yong and his nurse assured me that it's alright. Luckily... no pain at all. Banyak darah keluar macam air sirap tumpah but the nurse was nice enough to smile and assured me all the way that it's alright although she would have to clean up after me on the mess. Tahap kesabaran yang jitu, salute to her.

As for the result, except 1 blocked tube and mild PCOS in one of my ovaries (forgot to ask him which side - must remember to ask him later), everything else seems normal. The proposed treatment was of course laproscopy but he suggested that I try another cycle of clomid, this time the size of my eggs shall be monitored.

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