Monday, June 14, 2010

3rd Clomid Cycle

I went to my 3rd round of clomid in May 2010. The first 2 with Hamid Arshat & the 3rd with Dr Wong. Dr Wong told me that even those with normal reproductive system, the probability of pregnancy occurrence is only 15% every month. Some couples only succeeded after the 6th round of clomid. So he suggested that I try the pills 2 more times.

Ohh and the result of my previous blood test:
LH - 7.7
FSH - 6.7

Normally, FSH should be higher than LH. So this confirmed the vaginal scan that my right ovary is polycystic.

Scanned my eggs on day 14 (still not my ovulation day) and guess what... I have 2 eggs which were big enough to be fertilized. 1 at the right (29 mm) and 1 at the left (19 mm).

But... by the end of the cycle, Lady in Red paid me a visit!! :(

Thinking of the bright side, at least she had not delayed her arrival as she usually did. Perhaps my period is getting normal like it used to before I got married.

Might continue with my 4th trial on Clomid once I back from Tunisia this July.

Hubby comforted me by saying me our bb want to be made in PV8, our new home. Might move in somewhere in July or Aug.


  1. hi dear.. I'm ur follower.. :)
    dah moved to PV8 ke? kalau dah. kita berjiran la kan? pepun, I nak share something with u. pernah dgr Basal Body Temperature (BBT) utk dptkan ovulate timing yg betul tak? I ada tulis sikit pasal BBT ni.

  2. hi.. terjumpa blog u masa bloghopping. i pun tgh ttc, thn ni 3rd year anniversary. u dah stop writing ke? boleh share stories? mail me at inanordin[@]yahoo[.]com please?